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George Nakashima inspired live edge coffee table

JCDC Woodworks: A passion for woodcraft creates jobs for people with disabilities.

Creating Live Edge furniture with love This article was written by the Small Business Development Center when they visited us in Ravenswood, WV to learn more about what we do. We thought we would share it. Enjoy reading. JCDC Woodworks is a natural fit for Craig Greening. He inherited a love of woodcraft from his…

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Selecting Your Hardwoods!

What to choose? JCDC Woodworks uses hardwood found in the eastern United States. Listed below are the typical species of wood we use and a brief description that help you find the right table for your home. We can also usually get maple and white oak. ASH Ash has had a legendary role in baseball…

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Refined Elegance

A one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in your home shares a message about you. Owning a singularly unique live edge table makes a powerful, engaging, eye-catching, memorable and unique statement. A distinctive slice of nature crafted by JCDC Woodworks will forever bring the outside world into your home. A live edge table brings a truly aesthetic…

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So, What truly is hand-crafted furniture, anyway?

When you shop for high-quality furniture, you sometimes hear the term, “hand-crafted.” At JCDC Woodworks, all of our furniture is hand-crafted, but we go beyond that when we specifically state that our furniture is NOT factory made. So, what does this mean? Webster’s defines “factory” as “a building or group of buildings where goods are…

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The Warmth of Wood Furniture

The Warmth of Wood Furniture. Northern Michigan University is located in Marquette Michigan, which is nestled on the shores of Lake Superior. On campus is the Superior Dome, which has been home to the Wildcat football team, and other sports since its construction in 1991. The Dome stands 14 stories high and encompasses 5.1 acres…

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Purpose Through Woodworking

Disabilities do not define the individual. JCDC Woodworks in Ravenswood, West Virginia, is on a mission to provide employment and learning opportunities through woodworking to folks with intellectual, physical, and emotional needs. Using lumber harvested only from the Appalachian mountains, the JCDC crew carefully craft live edge tables and other one-of-a-kind household furnishings and sell…

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Custom Designed Furniture

We would love to work with you to create a wonderful piece of furniture that would become the focal point of your home or office. Call us at 304-273-9311 to make an appointment to visit us at our shop and showroom. Bring your ideas, and thoughts on the furniture size, size of the room (pictures…

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Wood vs. Plastic

There are many facts, myths, and opinions surrounding cutting boards made of wood. In this blog, we hope to dispel myths, share facts, and give you the opinions of professionals who use cutting boards more regularly than the rest of us. Cutting Boards: Wood vs. Plastic

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Why Add Plastic To A Piece Of Wood?

In our journey to create a beautiful live edge table using a slice of tree, we note many craftsmen are using epoxy resin as an integral part of a live edge table. And right up front, let’s be clear on what epoxy resin is; it is plastic. So, why add plastic to an otherwise beautiful…

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Why A Live Edge Table?

The live edge furniture design trend is largely based on the term “modern industrial design”, which seems to have come about as industrial spaces were converted into living spaces. Since we at JCDC Woodworks live in rural West Virginia, this whole design concept of living in space once occupied by large machinery has sorta passed…

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Who Would Have Thought?

A few years ago, there was an overzealous employee at JCDC determined to help people who survived brain injury by teaching them how to use technology to improve their quality of life. One of the biggest problems about that idea: technology is not cheap. So, she researched information about grant writing and discovered a local…

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What Is This JCDC Woodworks Place All About?

Rarely do customers concern themselves with the inner-workings of where they make purchases. However, JCDC Woodworks is not your average “business.” As a matter of fact, we are a non-profit organization that continually pursues new ideas to provide training and employment for people with disabilities in West Virginia. JCDCWW is such an extraordinarily different organization,…

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Our Interest In Trees

George Nakashima was, in many ways, the creator of live edge furniture. He may have been the first person to take advantage of the aesthetics of live edge furniture, and then promoted that concept. As a trained architect, he realized that the contents of a house or building could alter the elements designed into the…

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Getting it Right!

At JCDC Woodworks we strive hard to make it right. Making it right means giving you an extraordinary piece of furniture that will become a focal point in your home. So, what do we do to make it right and what might be the difference between our furniture and some other pieces. Fair question and…

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