Don’t be a “Pinterest Fail”

Me and my bright ideas….

Do you love to browse Pinterest? I do!  I am not the most gifted crafter in the world.  In fact, I have no gift for crafting, at all.  My husband is one of “those” people who can do anything and it looks amazing as soon as he finished, the first time!  It’s aggravating to say the least.

If you are one of the many millions of people who use Pinterest, you have probably seen a DIY project or idea you would LOVE to do, but you know better.  We’ve all seen what happens with a “Pinterest Fail” and it really isn’t pretty!  Throw in the equation a live edge piece and it gets even worse.  The chance of finding another piece of wood to work with, just like the piece used for the epic fail, could be impossible.              

For instance, there are the planter ideas. They seem simple enough, but are they, really?

JCDC Woodworks is a new business.  We are actively pursuing new products to develop and sell. Listening to our customers is a one way we can learn what we should make.  However, we need people like you to share with us the types of items you would like to buy.  Pinterest is a great beginning point for us.  A really interesting coat rack, wine bottle holder, hanging planter, etc. may be out of the scope of your ability, but would be the perfect project for our crew!

Pictured below: A slender shelf (Left) and the beginning of a Porch swing (R).

Email us at , call us at 304-273-9311 ext. 118, or check us out on Facebook  if you have any questions.

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S. Rose

I have worked for JCDC for 11 years, serving people with disabilities. I'm married with 3 children and love my Labrador retrievers. While I'm not the expert on wood working, I can share a lot of different information about JCDC and how we work to help people with disabilities lead a more independent life.

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