Getting it Right!

At JCDC Woodworks we strive hard to make it right. Making it right means giving you an extraordinary piece of furniture that will become a focal point in your home. So, what do we do to make it right and what might be the difference between our furniture and some other pieces. Fair question and let me put some things on the “table”. You may groan.

How we Find our Wood

First of all, we seek wooden slabs with no reason for being vertical trees. They have become, for whatever reason, diseased, a threat to a home, thinned to allow for growth of younger trees, or whatever. In other words, we don’t use trees that have been harvested needlessly.

Secondly, we believe strongly in creating a safe work environment for our employees. This carries into the design of our tables. We create a strong table. While we cannot endorse using one of our coffee tables for anything other than holding a few drinks, magazines, TV remote, or similar items, we try hard to build a table that will withstand little children climbing onto it, just like my kids did when they were two years old.

Third, sometimes live edge tables will have “sharp” edges due to the angles formed by the angle of the edge. We sand down edges and round/dull/blunt them to create a safer edge. My oldest son was accident prone when he was little and has two scars on his forehead; a result of running and tripping headlong into a coffee table I had made. JCDC Woodworks will try to lower your small person’s chance of puncture by taking the edge off the live edge table. (Another pun.) Fourth, we use water-based finishes (Explain: Why water based and not oil based?) to protect your furniture from as many things as possible that can happen to a coffee table. We can’t protect it from all things, like the fingernail polish that is on my personal live edge table, but we can protect your table from many of the “accidents” that may occur in your home.

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