So, What truly is hand-crafted furniture, anyway?

When you shop for high-quality furniture, you sometimes hear the term, “hand-crafted.” At JCDC Woodworks, all of our furniture is hand-crafted, but we go beyond that when we specifically state that our furniture is NOT factory made. So, what does this mean?

Webster’s defines “factory” as “a building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine; or a person, group, or institution that continually produces a great quantity of something specified.”

By that definition, JCDC Woodworks is not a factory, as we do not manufacture our furniture and home furnishings chiefly by machine, nor is each hand-crafted piece made in great quantities. We do use machines to transform locally sourced lumber from rough-sawn pieces straight from the sawmill into sizes and shapes we use to produce our fine furniture products. Machines ensure our wooden pieces are straight and square. When it comes to making the furniture, though, we assemble all our individual pieces by hand. Our woodworkers’ sand and apply finish to each piece by hand, taking great care in crafting a unique and lasting item they are proud for you to enjoy in your home.

Our creations take shape in a large wood shop, but it’s not a factory. Because our furniture starts with a slab of wood, we try to connect to that particular piece and find the most complementary base or legs to enhance the slab, or create a desired design, “look” or even “feel” of the piece.

A factory-made piece is manufactured, with workers using machines to produce thousands of copies of the exact same piece. While some factory-made furniture is clearly high quality, made to exacting standards and specifications, JCDC Woodworks’ furniture is individually made because of the unique look, shape and size of live-edge slabs. Our heirloom-quality items will always be made in small quantities. Most importantly, each item, made by hand, has a story. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will become a focal point of your home.

At JCDC Woodworks, when we say an item is hand-crafted, it certainly is.

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