Who Would Have Thought?

A few years ago, there was an overzealous employee at JCDC determined to help people who survived brain injury by teaching them how to use technology to improve their quality of life. One of the biggest problems about that idea: technology is not cheap. So, she researched information about grant writing and discovered a local foundation willing to listen to her idea. Not only did they listen, but they granted funding for tablets, smart phones, applications for the smart phones, and a multitude of resources including a banner and some books to help the Brain Injury Support group and resource center become an effective tool for survivors and their families. The banner purchased with that funding outside the office where the resource activities would be available made the biggest difference.

With the banner posted as close to mainstream traffic as possible, the next step was to wait and see who would walk through the doors interested in help. Two young men came through the office door to seek help. One of them has been an employee of JCDC for a little over 4 years and is now a key part of the JCDC Woodworks project. Although the goal of the grant was to use technology as a tool, the real benefit came from just connecting his incredible work ethic to JCDC.

He lost what he expected from life, but gained something so much more.

All because of a banner, outside the office door.

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