Why A Live Edge Table?

The live edge furniture design trend is largely based on the term “modern industrial design”, which seems to have come about as industrial spaces were converted into living spaces. Since we at JCDC Woodworks live in rural West Virginia, this whole design concept of living in space once occupied by large machinery has sorta passed us by. We simply don’t have those types of spaces around. But, we get it, and totally agree that the furniture designed to fit into those repurposed living spaces is very cool and fits well. Obviously, live edge furniture by its very design fits well into these concepts.

Crafting Live Edge Furniture

From our point of view, living in West Virginia, we see live edge tables as bringing a bit of nature, as it surrounds us, into our living spaces and therefore integrating nature into our daily experience.

I recently read a blog by Jeanette Anzon (link name to Jeanette’s bio), wherein she made two really good two quotes about design and how it relates to live edge furniture. The first quote is: “Industrial design is a celebration of humble, unassuming materials.” WOW! Jeanette you nailed the whole idea in a few words. NEED HER WEB SITE ADDRESS TO CREATE LINKS!

Jeanette’s second quote is: “The design genre (modern industrial) will teach you how to live simply and purely.” Again, WOW! Live edge tables made from oak, ash, walnut, maple and other Appalachian woods are naturally simpler than a table made from any other type of material. These tables allow nature to speak, and to speak humbly. What could be as humble—or perhaps majestic—than a tree?

Creating Live Edge furniture from Hardwoods made from Oak, Ash, Maple, Walnut and others

Live edge tables are not highly machined, or altered in any way from what nature created through the simple process of growing. We take something that can completely stand on its own, natural and create something functional. A tree made from oak, ash, walnut, and other hardwoods that might be shredded and turned into pulp is created in to a beautiful piece of furniture and fits into a wide variety of home architectural schemes.

That’s why live edge tables can fit anywhere, and in any décor or setting, from a log cabin in the mountains, to an apartment in a former industrial building, and can become a focal point in any room of your home.

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