Our Interest in Trees

George Nakashima was, in many ways, the creator of live edge furniture. He may have been the first person to take advantage of the aesthetics of live edge furniture, and then promoted that concept. As a trained architect, he realized that the contents of a house or building could alter the elements designed into the building. So he started to design and build furniture.

The early Europeans, settlers in what would become the eastern United States, probably had a lot of “live edge” tables in their log cabins, but I expect that was because it was easier to build stuff that way, given their limited hand tools. This helped them create a style of furniture that was, shall we say…a primitive design.

Then, in the 20th Century George Nakashima comes along and starts to appreciate the natural components of what would become known as live edge furniture. With the idea of making sure furniture fit the design, started to build live edge tables. Nakashima was also trained in the art of Japanese woodworking and integrated those design concepts into the live edge furniture he was creating.

The live-edge tables George created had a certain “modern” look to them, as he created base structures with a cantilevered look.

“A tree is our intimate contact with nature.” – George Nakashima. Appreciating the look and feel of live edge furniture is a critical aspect of building the entire table. Creating a table that extends the look and feel of the tree into the bases and legs is very important. JCDC Woodworks strives to create that holistic look and feel.

A live edge table brings that sense of nature right into our homes where we can see, touch, feel, and love it. It is a chance to understand and appreciate how the forces of nature formed the most ubiquitous, strong, and adaptable material on the planet. As humans, we use wood everywhere in a wide variety of items. A live edge table is an excellent way of bringing nature into our homes in a useful and positive manner.

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