What does JCDC Woodworks mean when they say, “reclaimed wood"?

Traditionally, “reclaimed” means wood originally used for one purpose, gathered and used for a different purpose, rather than disposing of the wood as never to be used again. Sometimes, the wood contains natural or unnatural components dangerous for consumption or exposure. Often times, people will think of shipping pallets, barn wood, old fencing, or some other type of wood when the term “reclaimed” is used.

“JCDC Woodworks uses reclaimed wood to make our cutting boards.” At face value, with no other information provided, that sounds gross or at least questionable. Rest assured, JCDC values the safety of our clients, employees, and customers at all times.

So, allow us to clarify: JCDC Woodworks is a woodworking shop where people with disabilities make live edge furniture, primarily tables. The slabs of wood are purchased from a supplier who kiln dries the wood in its natural, live-edge state. JCDC Woodworks then transports the wood to our woodshop in Ravenswood, WV for the process of crafting a table from the slab. A byproduct of the woodworking process, as most would assume, are scraps of wood. The leftover pieces of wood from the process of crafting our live edge tables are collected in our woodshop, and used to create other profitable items including cutting boards, custom shaped gifts, etc. for a couple of reasons:

Live Edge Coaster set

1. It is environmentally responsible, and

2. It is smart business.


JCDC is and has always been, an environmentally friendly organization with the following core quality standards:

  • Safety,

  • Courtesy,

  • Service Provision, and

  • Efficiency.

As a not-for-profit, we use those as standards across all areas of JCDC’s services, including JCDC Woodworks.

As always, if you have any questions about JCDC’s products or services, feel free to reach out to us through this website or the main organization site at:

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