What’s this JCDC Woodworks Place All About?

Rarely do customers concern themselves with the inner-workings of where they make purchases. However, JCDC Woodworks is not your average “business.” As a matter of fact, we are a non-profit organization that continually pursues new ideas to provide training and employment for people with disabilities in West Virginia. JCDCWW is such an extraordinarily different organization, we eagerly highlight the importance of our employees. What is it that makes us so different, even extraordinary? The employees do.

We began in 1978 when a couple of people got together and decided their friends and family with disabilities should have somewhere to go and have something to do outside of their home on a regular basis. We’ve grown from the handful of people with an idea of what they’d like to do, to a non-profit service provider and employer. In 2018, we served more than 150 people and employed nearly 200 people.

There are many services needed to provide quality programs to individuals with disabilities. We focus on the person and what they specifically need, so employment may not be the goal in some instances. When employment is the goal, we need to have those opportunities available and be sure they are high quality, profitable projects. This is where the live edge furniture business benefits the people JCDC serves.

We have taken the concept of a unique skill combined with the talents of our capable workforce and developed a piece of furniture that could be considered reflective of its craftsman. No two pieces are alike or can be duplicated. Similar to the characteristic of JCDC’s services and employees, our products are unique in every way.

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