Large Cutting Boards

Large Cutting Boards


JCDC Woodworks strives to provide a variety of high quality options to our customers as often as possible. Available in two (2) shapes: Square & Rectangular -- with additional size options in our store.

A juice groove (+$15), cup & circular groove (for placing the cup)(+$20), or both (+$35) may be added for an additional charge.



Our Square cutting board is ideal if you are looking for a unique style with an easy to store shape:

  • Large - 16" X 16"




This classic design is sure to suit any cook and compliment the kitchen.

  • Large - 14" x 18"


Cutting board shapes are typically about personal preference. Our beautiful classic cutting boards are reversible and smooth. The wood fibers absorb the cutting blades of all types of knives ensuring that the knife will stay sharper and the board will retain its smooth surface. Each cutting board is reversible and boast premium quality.  Learn about the safety of our cutting boards by visiting our blog.