Light Colored Walnut Standing Clock for Desk/Shelf

$75.00 $52.50


  • Standing design desk clock with old fashioned clock
  • Two tone dial with black numerals, black hour & minute hands & gold seconds hand
  • Quartz, battery operated movement (AA Battery included)
  • Dimensions:
    Thickness 1 3/4,
    Max Width 5 5 /8,
    Min Width 4 1/16,
    Max Length 13 9/16,
    Min length 13 1/4

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This timeless light solid walnut desk clock is designed by the employees of JCDC Woodworks. The clock features a gold bezel and a two-tone dial with black numerals. This desk clock is an ideal gift for wedding, anniversaries and milestone birthdays.

Our Employees at JCDC Woodworks make every hand crafted piece with exceptional artistry, design and expertise. The wood we choose is both local and sustainably sourced in the Appalachian mountains. Then, transformed into a piece of functional art. We guarantee you will love owning or giving such beautiful pieces; knowing you have not only made a statement about your refined taste, but a difference by supporting the employment of people with disabilities. 


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