Wild Cherry “shield shaped” Cutting Board

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Wild Cherry “shield shaped” Chopping Board

This reversible cherry cutting board is perfect for an amateur or master chef. Whether you’re chopping greens to prepare a family feast, perfecting your Charcuterie skills, or serving up a prime roast, this board can do it all!

Dimensions and Description:

  • Length: Max. 15 5/8 inches, Min. 14 inches
  • Width: Max. 10 1/4 inches, Min. 7 1/2 inches
  • Thickness:  1 inch
  • Wood: Cherry

These environmentally-sustainable cherry cutting boards are created from reclaimed North American hardwood that has been carefully selected for quality and purchased from mills throughout the country. Because wood is a natural product, color and grain will vary with each cutting board.

*Made by people with disabilities in the USA.

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A truly remarkable work of functional art, this handcrafted North American Cherry cutting board is of premium quality and uniquely shield-shaped. Cherry is a popular choice for home and commercial kitchens with its stout stability and satin-like smooth texture.

  • Moderately strong cutting board, flexible, and resistant to knife scarring and/or dulling.
  • Rich color may darken with age and exposure to light.

Maintain your cutting boards regularly with oil and wax to prevent cracking and warping.

Our Employees at JCDC Woodworks make every hand crafted piece with exceptional artistry, design and expertise. The wood we choose is both local and sustainably sourced in the Appalachian mountains. Then, transformed into a piece of functional art. We guarantee you will love owning or giving such beautiful pieces; knowing you have not only made a statement about your refined taste, but a difference by supporting the employment of people with disabilities. 


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